Privacy Statement

Last update: 25 May, 2023

We at First Freight don't really want your personal data. However, any personal information you provide us with will be treated confidentially.

In this privacy statement, we will explain which personal data we collect and for what purposes.

Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation.

This means that we:

  • Clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data (that's what this privacy statement is for)
  • Limit our collection of personal data to the minimum needed for legitimate purposes only
  • We don't use cookies or share any personal data for advertising purposes
  • First ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required
  • Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data
  • Respect your right to inspect, correct, or delete your personal data held by us
  • First Freight is the party responsible for all data processing


Your personal data can be processed by us with the purpose of entering into and executing agreements and for managing the resulting relationships. When you send us an email, or if you contact us in any other way, the data you provide us with will be used to answer your question or to process your request. We store your name, email address, and any other information you've sent us until we are sure that you are satisfied with our response.

Third parties

We do not under any circumstance provide your personal data to other companies or organisations, unless we are forced to do so by law (for example in case of a suspected crime).


We store usage data provided by your browser. This data can be used to help resolve technical problems, or to generate usage statistics to help us improve our website. This usage data includes the IP address of your device, a user-agent string that identifies the type of platform and browser you're using, and the date and time at which you retrieved a page or any other resource. This data is never shared and always anonymized before processing.


Our web application useS cookies.


We take security measures to reduce misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data. Our website makes use of secure connections amd encrypt all communication between your browser and our web server using Transport Layer Security or TLS, also known as Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.

Changes to this privacy statement

We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement. Changes will be published on our website.

Inspection and modification of your data

You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or if you wish to review, modify, or delete your personal data.

You have the right to:

  • - be informed about the type of personal data we have of you and what we are using it for,
  • - inspect the personal data that we keep of you,
  • - have incorrect data corrected,
  • - request to delete outdated personal data,
  • - revoke your consent, and
  • - object to certain uses.

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